New England Finish Systems

New England Finish Systems (NEFS) was founded in 1985 as a construction company specializing in drywall and finishing for commercial buildings. The workers of the company dedicate their work to quality and skilled design. They are attentive and adhere to deadlines that are complementary to set goals. New England Finish Systems continues to excel at all skills including carpentry, drywall installation, door and hardware installations, demountable partitions, metal stud framing, and temporary protection. New England Finish Systems ensure construction and respective products surpass expectations.

Millwork Division was created by New England Finish Systems to satisfy the millwork market with high quality products and inventory. The employees of the Millwork Division provide the best price, fast turnaround, and custom service to every client.

New England Finish Systems is on the cutting edge of ideas, implement the newest construction products and techniques, and supply safety technology to all employees. NEFS also uses new and creative ideas to share among the team, clients, and external contractors. The company evolves with the newest communication technology to make it easy to get in touch at any hour of business. The team is supplied with the latest and safest technology to work efficiently. NEFS is committed to share and understand construction-based goals and information to all levels of command, so all parties have a clear vision of every project.


New England Finish Systems has featured construction projects. The Kirkland & Ellis was restored and revamped with pristine white structures and a glass staircase and hallways. The Hood Park in Boston is a historic building that the company renovated and repurposed it to become a 177-unit housing complex equipped with amenities. New England Finish Systems has also expanded the size of Sanofi of Framingham’s campus by nearly 15,000 square feet.

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